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my mind’s ear harkens
to records of Niflheim,
and of Valhalla -

the holy races -
thou wilt, Valfather, that well
I relate old tales,

remembrance of lives
long ago. I remember
the giants of yore,

their scraps of bread,
their morsels of sustenance
given in days past.

many worlds I knew,
in the tree of mighty roots
sunk beneath the ice;

Miðgardr, ringed with waves,
warm beneath the southern sun,
dun the ground, with dust;

station of the stars.
here the sons of ᛏony toiled,
smithing, timbering,

dwarven in their deeds.
at the AlÞing met the gods
chosen from their midst -

there they sought their seats,
and, at peace in their dwellings,
knew no lack of gold.

thus arose the race
of the withered Howarðr
in the fields of sand,

craftsmen of the depths;
there was ᛏony, mightiest
of all that were made,

lord of the lightning,
thunderous, his awesome thrall
over all the skalds;

and came Hǫckey next,
bog-born jǫtunn, stocky Þurs,
guardian of gold;

Erikk, bare as stone
on the shores of Føroyar,
wielder of the lash;

ᛗorrison, to yoke
the oxen of suffering
to the slaughter-post;

then, a maiden made,
forged of hoarfrost, Jülie named,
graven-sighted seer;

and too many more
for me to have told aright.
Now, would you know more?

a pillar of coal,
Yggdrasil its name, anchor
of the inner earth;

the serpent Niðhogg
splays its desolating coils
naked in the sun,

gnawing at the root,
and the vermin Ratatosk
never runs to him.

ᛏony, Lord of all
crucifies, with his own limbs
himself on the tree,

vision quest of his own tongue,
and is enlightened.

Now, would you know more?
the war I recall, to end
all that came before,

when with spears they smote
at the very earth itself,
three times burned, and born,

yet ever she lives;
on the earth did ᛏony strike,
southron Surt, the scourge,

the crags were sundered,
and the giant-women sank.
so then sought they all

their assembly seats
in council, the holy ones,
whether to conceive

tribute, drawn from all,
as a gift unto the gods,
or to all belong;

so then sought they all
their assembly seats, and held
council; the air filled

as Syginn’s basin,
serpents’ redolent venom
winding from the walls -

the Valfather’s pledge.
in swelling rage ᛏony rose -
seldom does he sit

when such things are said;
words and bonds were forgotten,
the oaths were broken.

as alone I sat
the old one, ᛏony, sought me,
terror of the gods,

and gazed in mine eyes:
“What hast thou to ask of me?”
I saw over worlds -

valkyrjas in rank
ravening to join the hunt,
to ride o’er the earth.

I saw for ᛏony,
the bleeding god, Howarðsson,
his destiny set;

in the fallow fields,
ravaged and destroyed, the sprig
of his destruction.

so slender and fair,
came the harmful shaft to pierce
the vale of beauty;

and Valhalla wept.
the funeral of the Lord
cast us into shame

and the wolf tore men
from their ceaseless labouring.
Now, would you know more?

the ᛏyrannos slain -
now, a martyr for a king.
now, the holy cause

given unto myth
in the minds of Miðgard’s men.
the brood of Fenrir;

stolen from the sky,
the sun; the home of the gods
reddened, as with gore;

fetters burst, the wolf
running free across the lands;
now come mighty storms.

Would you know yet more?
brothers cease to fight, and fall,
sons in kinship stand;

hard though ‘tis on earth.
sword and axe are surrendered,
broken, whoredom’s might,

masters of the rocks
no more. but men’s sons move fast -
the gjallarhorn sounds -

the horn is aloft -
in fear quake all who would walk
on the rainbow road;

now, how fare the gods?
all Miðgardr groans beneath
their council, renew’d;

and he comes on high,
all power to repossess;
Howarð’s battle-hall,

more fair than the sun,
sees the righteous ruler dwell,
and all lands he rules -

ᛏony is reborn.
from below the dragon comes
darkness streaming forth;

the sun turns to black,
hot stars whirl down from heaven,
and now do I see

on his wings he bears
the serpent, shining so bright:
but now I must sink.

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